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~ Wave dolomite cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of picture dolomite, a real old timer from Mexico. Apparently, this same material goes by many names these days; I've recently seen it being called 'dunes jasper' by some. Well, it's definitely dolomitic, not a jasper, and it beats the daylights out of any other dolomite, if you ask me... Couldn't resist dragging some out to cab for you. This one has a wild swirling pattern in several colors, including shades of peach, cream, magenta and brick red. Definitely out of the ordinary, it shows what appear to be plumes, or at least plume-like rosettes, at one end. The stone has a crisp designer shape, a well rounded dome of 6+mm, and a slick glassy polish both front and back.

Sizes: 63x20mm
Weight: approximately 50 carats total

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale



wave dolomite




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