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~ Ocean jasper cab ~

Offered here is an absolutely awesome cabochon of ocean jasper, from Madagascar. Ocean jasper never fails to amaze me with its endless variations! Sadly, there are no plans for any further harvesting at the original source. This unique cab features a breathtaking display of very well-defined bullseyes and orbs against a background of peachy orange and pastel pink. The eyes themselves are quite ornately flower-like, with a lacy ring of tiny crystal pseudo morphs in dark green. The stone has a gemmy translucent gel quality that adds a fascinating dimension of depth, unlike some of its more 'jaspery' brethren. This one's a genuine treasure, sure to be a winner you'll want to feature prominently in your jewelry showcase. It has a nicely rounded dome of nearly 6mm, a crisp designer 'spear' shape, and a super slick glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 64x19mm
Weight: approximately 42 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale



Ocean Jasper




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