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~ Apache gold cab ~

Offered here is a designer cabochon of 'Apache Gold', from Arizona, not to be confused with pulsite, which is common by comparison. I'm told this classic old timey material is actually black serpentine with inclusions of golden pyrite, completely mined out long ago. As you can see, this one's loaded with metallics, and the shiny gold stands out in super contrast against the jet black, for a rich look like no other. This is another of those tough to photograph materials, because it's next to impossible to get all the golden areas to reflect at once; in reality, that's just what they do. The cab has a high rounded dome of 5.5mm, and despite a seemingly bumpy surface, it has a super smooth glossy polish both front and back.

Size: 41x34mm
Weight: approximately 52 carats

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Apache gold

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