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~ Turritella agate cab ~

Offered here is a fascinating cabochon of turritella agate, from Wyoming. This ancient fossilized material is chock full of turrietella shells, from which it takes its name. The creamy white shells are most apparent in this artistically composed example, facing every which way, with many of their open cells showing a variety of fillings of crystalline quartz with hints of sparkling druse, dark mosses or cloudy bluish agate, and a mixture of all those. I'm told they even include teensy tiny fossilized shrimp! And of course, the network of shells contrast strongly against the background of black and brown agate. It's a beauty! The cab has a high rounded dome of 6+mm, a subtly rounded designer 'diamond' shape, and it's nicely polished both front and back.

Size: 48x21mm
Weight: approximately 42 carats

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Turritella agate

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