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~ Sonora sunrise cab ~

Offered here is an amazing cabochon of Sonora Sunrise, from Mexico. This fabulous new material has striking colors, all 100% natural. Rough rock of any merit can be costly, but the awe inspiring cabs it yields definitely make it worthwhile in my book. This example is particularly attractive because it not only has the usual blue/green with bright crimson red combination, but also includes a stripe of a purplish hue, and some lovely grass greens. In hand, there are areas that exhibit a metallic sheen, and there's a splash of more magenta colored cuprite toward the pointed end. If you want eye catching stones, Sonora Sunrise should be on your list; it's loaded with designer potential, commanding attention easily. I think you'll do great things with this one! The cab has a well rounded dome of 5mm, a bold designer shape, and an excellent glossy polish both front and back.

Size: 49x22mm
Weight: approximately 44 carats

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sonora sunrise

Sonora sunrise chrysocolla

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