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~ Morrisonite jasper cab ~

Offered here is a spendidly unique cabochon of premium morrisonite jasper, from the old Morrison Ranch digs in Oregon. I have a huge parent chunk of this material, and even after cutting from it for years, it has continually surprised me by changing patterns dramatically from one slice to the next. That's the way it goes, and is part of the wonder that keeps me fired up about lapidary! Anyway, Morrisonite is RARE material, the most sought after member of the porcelain jasper family, called the king of jaspers by many. This stone is a delightful example, with a wild and varied pattern that includes streamers, subtle webbing and more in warm blended hues of rosy peach, green and gold, with a strip of cream at one edge. The stone has a nicely rounded dome of 6+mm, a sweet designer shape, and a brilliant glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 64x22mm
Weight: approximately 54 carats

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Morrisonite jasper

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