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~ Blue agate cab suite ~

Offered here is a delicious cabochon trio of blue agate, also known as blue chalcedony, from Turkey. Usually, I consider this Turkish material to be the lesser when compared to Malawi material, but this matching set has a truly appealing color, and a degree of opalescence that I find delightful. These stones are beautifully translucent, completely without flaw, save for some interesting clouds and a swirl here and there. The highly polished surfaces bounce light around in these gemmy cabs causing a certain distinctive but subtle glow, which I endeavored to make the most of by cutting them into these classic shapes. Like most blue agates, this material tends to be moody, appearing deeper in color when viewed in low lighting. I am completely confident that you will LOVE THEM!! The largest stone has a high rounded dome of nearly 7mm, the smaller pair are 4mm thick, and each of the three has a brilliant glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 49X16mm, 22x6mm pair
Weight: approximately 57 carats total

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Turkish blue agate

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