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~ Mexican lace agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of crazy lace agate, grand old stock material from Mexico. First things you notice about this stone are the cream-centered orange bullseyes that practically leap right out at you. And the contrasting bluish agate surrounding them makes 'em stand out all the more. The eyes are offset, making room for several scallops with bands of various colors, and tiny sagenitic bursts at the side and the pointed end. I went ahead and left the small natural void rather than grinding it away because I liked its shape and where it's placed. Hopefully, you'll like it too! This cab has a high rounded dome of 7mm, a plump teardrop shape, with a great glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 55x25mm
Weight: approximately 64 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale


mexican lace agate

Mexican lace agate

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