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~ Nipomo marcasite agate cab ~

Here is a large deluxe cabochon of rare Nipomo marcasite in agate, from that famous location in Central California. The area where this great old material was once collected is no longer accessible, so it has become quite hard to come by these days, particularly in this above-average calibre. It features intricate fortifications in pale bluish agate with shiny metallic 'chromed islands' of bright marcasite. Plumes, actually, with oodles of gleam! Nipomo marcasite is an extremely challenging material to photograph because it's brilliantly reflective, like a mirror; I think the stone in hand is prettier than my camera and I were able to illustrate, though there are a couple negligible feathers present that play hide and seek with the eye. The cab has a very high rounded dome of 8mm, and a sleek designer shape with a gleaming polish both front and back.

Size: 44x19mm
Weight: approximately 67 carats

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Nipomo marcasite agate

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