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~ Marra mamba cab ~

Here is a premium cabochon of genuine Marra Mamba tigereye, a rarity from Australia. This startling material is, in my opinion, the most awesome tigereye in the world, and this gem's a magnificent example of the highest calibre. It features dancing pearly chatoyance in blended streaks of salmon orange, red and blue that roll and flash through the stone. THE MOST PRIZED colors of all! There's just a wee bit of jasper present at one end, alternating with ribbons of shiny metallic hematite. There are no cracks, fractures, pits or other blemishes to be found, and believe me when I say you won't find better anywhere! The cab has a very high rounded dome of about 7mm, a softly rectangular designer shape, and an extra brilliant polish both front and back, as befits a cab of this stature.

Weight: approximately 65 carats

Price: Sold
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marra mamba

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