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~ Cacoxenite cab ~

Here is a cabochon of quartz with inclusions of golden cacoxenite, a rarity. Technically, it's the mineral goethite, and I can truthfully tell you that those little thorn-like inclusions are the most amazingly bright golden color I've ever seen in rock! Their appearance is like spun gold, and as you can see, the pretty little 'thorns' are arranged in fairly neat rows. The photos reveal that the quartz is ever so slightly amethystine/smoky, and there are a few of the typical 'fairy frost' inclusions present. It's quite solid and stable nonetheless, and certainly very attractive and interesting. The cab has a well rounded dome of 5.5mm, and a smooth glassy polish both front and back.

Weight: approximately 24 carats

Price: Sold
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cacoxenite in quartz

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