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~ 2 Ajoite in quartz cabs ~

Offered here is a nicely matching pair of ajoite in quartz cabochons, from the New Cornelia mine in Ajo, Arizona. There is a bit of chrysocolla and malachite present, as well as some metallic threads, but most of the terrific blue threads in the stones are ajoite. From what I've been able to dig up online, ajoite is a very rare, very valuable, and highly collectible material! Especially coming from that particular mine, just south of the town of Ajo, from which the mineral name is derived. Apparently, commerical mining there has been shut down since 1985. I did my best with the pics, but the colors are much more vivid and saturated than shown. The quartz has a nice translucence too, just gorgeous! The stones have well rounded domes of about 5mm, and despite some very minor pinholes, they each have a fine glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 20x16mm
Weight: approximately 22 carats total for both

Price: Sold
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Ajoite in quartz

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