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~ Howardite cab ~

Offered here is a fascinating cabochon of top notch howardite, from northern Nevada. This unsual and very rare form of opal in silicated tuff is sometimes called 'rattlesnake agate', for obvious reasons, and also bears a resemblance to open woodgrain. It has wonderfully bright coloration and figure so unusual, once you see it, you'll never forget it. The pattern in this cab is nothing short of exceptional, reminding me of crazy venetian blinds or zippers, oddly enough. The darkest areas you see in the pic are actually highly translucent 'holes' of agate, which give the stone an outstanding quality of depth. It's positively stunning against the light, as the backlit photo illustrates, so please be sure to click it up to full size. The stone has a very high rounded dome, a strong symmetrical shield shape, and a brilliant polish both front and back, despite a couple tiny natural vugs.

Size: 35x28mm
Weight: approximately 33 carats

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