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~ Horse Canyon agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of gorgeous Horse Canyon agate, from California. This most famous type of moss agate is arguably some of the prettiest and rarest there is. Sadly, the area where it comes from is all private and closed, so there's been no collecting for quite some years now. This unique cab shows the classic green filaments of moss afloat in a highly translucent agate base that includes areas of blue, clear, white, smoky and yellow. There are also a couple of open drusy pockets, for extra added character. The pleasantly intricate patterns fit the stone's shape wonderfully; please be sure to click the pics up to full size to best enjoy the details of its artful natural beauty. The stone has a nicely rounded dome, a sweet designer 'paisley' shape, and a brilliant polish both front and back.

Size: 44x16mm
Weight: approximately 25 carats

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horse canyon agate cab
Horse Canyon agate

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