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~ Carnelian agate cab ~

Offered here is a splendid cabochon of cornflake carnelian, also known as orange chalcedony, from Oregon. It features juicy tangerine orange coloration, with overtones of yellow and red swirling from dark to light. Within the translucent body of the stone is a remarkable pattern of internal 'cornflakes' so sought after by collectors. Please be sure to click the photos up to their full size to best view the amazing details. The stone has a gracefully curved designer 'paisley' shape with a high rounded dome of 6mm, and a slick glassy polish both front and back. There are a couple negligibly small pits on the backside, though they don't detract atall from the beauty and value.

Size: 51x20mm
Weight: approximately 41 carats

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Carnelian agate

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